What's the difference between PADI and AIDA Freediver courses?

Both AIDA and PADI offer high quality freediving courses that are recognised worldwide. In terms of subjects and freedive skills in the water, the course content is almost identical. There are some differences between the minimum certification requirements (theory, depth, time & distance). With PADI, all self-study and the exam is done via an app. With AIDA you study from a manual and you take a written or online exam. The certification fee for AIDA is cheaper. Below you can find the key differences between PADI and AIDA Freedive courses.

PADI Freediver

Requirements for PADI freediver certification:
Static: 1:30 min
Dynamic with fins: 25 meter
Depth: 10 meter (max 16 meter)

Depth sessions (n.a. for pool only courses)
Possible in Dutch dive towers like Diveword (10 meter)
Also possible in open water or foreign dive towers like Dive4life and Transfo

Theory & exam
with eLearning app (PADI Freediver Touch)
Online exam via eLearning app (PADI Freediver Touch)
More expensive certification fee
Slightly less in depth theory
Available in Dutch, English, Spanish, German and more

AIDA Freediver

AIDA logo

Requirements for AIDA 2* freediver certification:
Static: 2:00 min
Dynamic with fins: 40 meter
Depth: 12 meter (max 20 meter)

Depth sessions (n.a. for pool only courses)
Not possible in Dutch dive towers because of the depth requirement (min 12m)
Can be done in open water or dive towers abroad like Dive4life and Transfo

Theory & exam
Digital manual (AIDA freedive manual)
Online or paper theory exam
Lower certification fee
More in depth theory
Available in English and more, not available in Dutch yet

All PADI & AIDA freedive courses

Freedive introduction (pool)

Depth: 0-4 meter

padi freediver

freedive courses (pool & depth)

Depth: 10-20 meter

padi freediver course

Advanced freedive courses

Depth: 20-30 meter

Master freedive courses

Depth: 32-40 meter

One breath, how deep can you go?

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