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About Tangaroa Freediving

We are Tangaroa, we are passionate freedivers. Our mission is to make freediving safe, fun and accessable for everyone. We teach in small groups with lots of personal attention. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned water hero or a bit afraid of the water. We will adjust our programme accordingly so that you can make the best out of it.

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Freedive courses

We offer various freedive courses. We offer PADI Freediver courses, but also surf survival bootcamps or freedive clinics for (dive) clubs.

PADI Freediver course overview

Click on of the pictures below for more information about the corresponding freediver course.

PADI Freediver Basic

Learn the basics of freediving. These are the pool sessions of the PADI Freediver course

PADI Freediver

The full PADI freediver course. After completion of this course you will be able to dive comfortably to 10-16 meter deep.

PADI Freediver Advanced

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PADI Freediver Master

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Freedive for surfers

The fun of surfing can quicky turn into fear when you are crushed by a wave with tons of water. This unique surfers bootcamp will teach you how to deal with these situations. You will learn how to relax underwater, how to breathe more efficient and how to cope with rising CO2 levels in your body for example. No matter if you are a big wave pro surfer or just learning to surf, you will benefit greatly for this course, inside and outside of the water. We offer this cours tailor made to your demands, based on your specific ability and needs for surfing or other watersports. This is the only freedive course in the Netherlands developed by surfers for surfers.


One breath, how deep can you go?

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