Why every surfer should learn freediving

Every surfer probably has encountered that hold downs by waves can be quite stressful and that it can fill our body with fear and panic. In case you stress out a (second) holddown can even be leathal. For this reason most professional and big wave surfers follow freedive courses to learn how to stay more relaxed underwater and how to prepare their body and mind for hold downs. But also recreational surfers can greatly benefit from freediving by expanding their comfort zones, breathe more efficient and more enjoyment underwater.

How can you stay underwater longer

The key word is relaxation to conserve oxygen. To prepare for hold downs there are three important aspects:

  • Physical fitness: Stay in shape for surfing by surfing and by doing specific surf exercises.
  • Lung capacity: This can be trained and improved by freediving
  • Mental training: Probably the most important one. Mental stress is a major factor in our oxygen consumption .

How do surfers benefit from a freediving course

In this course you learn mental techniques to create a relaxed state of mind in stressfull situations. You learn how to relax your muscles and how breathe properly in preparation of hold downs. You will learn what happens with your body on low O2 levels and how to cope with rising CO2 levels.

“Great training! As a surfer looking for the tools to tackle bigger waves, freediving helped me to understand how to train / improve the body to be at total ease in stressful conditions. Martin is a fontain of knowledge that wil take your game to the next level.
Romuald from Den Haag.

The freediving for surfers course

Tangaroa has developed a unique freediving for surfers course focussed on surfers and other water sport enthusiasts. We are unique in the Netherlands and we offer the only freediving course for surfers created by dedicated freedivers with a solid background in surfing. With many years of freedive and surfing experience we know how to prepare you best for hold downs. After this course you might even be looking forward to your next big wipeout. In this course we will cover all aspects from the PADI freediver courses and we will provide you tools and techniques that you can directly apply in surfing and holddowns. In the pool sessions we will simulate holddowns and learn (breathing) techniques how to stay relaxed and focussed. We can offer customized courses based on your ability and needs to be ready for your next trip. The freedive for surfers course includes a (basic) PADI freediver certification. Prices and more information can be found at basic freediver and full freediver course pages.

Emergency first response for surfers

Do you know how to treat an unconscious surfer in the water, a severe reef cut or a jellyfish sting? We highly recommend a emergency first response course for every surfer so that you can react right in case things do go wrong, in or out of the water. We have developed a specific first aid course for surfers including a internationally recognized EFR first aid certificate. In this course we’ll learn how to react in life threatening situations and how to provide first aid. Depending on your specific needs and risks on your next surf trip, we can offer customized and practical training. For example, lessons on dangerous marine life and how to provide (self) help in case of bites or sting can also be included.

 Have a look at Oakley pro surfers taking a surf survival course here: